13 May 2018

Reflection Day on the Creed

Saturday 5th May 2018 was the date chosen as part of the “Journées de Genval “ for reflecting on the Creed and more specifically on the first part “ I believe in God, the father almighty”.

Over 40 people were able to reflect upon the reality of the faith and the possibility of meeting God the Father at the very heart of our own lives. This gift is given to all those who seek it. In the light of the teaching of the Scriptures or from the evidence of one witness or another, the participants were led to reflect upon their own faith, their own confidence in a God who, ultimately, is nothing else but tenderness. He gives us himself through his Word. It is a resounding Word by which his own Son came to tell us that God, his Father, is our Father

The participants, from all over Belgium, were happy to include in their number the presence of Brother Gerard de Haan, Vice-Provincial, who had come from the Netherlands in order to take part in this very fraternal event.

For the second part of the Creed, concerning the Son, a meeting has been agreed for next November as preparation for the periods of Advent and Christmas.

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